A-Rod: An American Nuisance


yankees-braves-baseballI am personally getting sick and tired of all this. Who can forget Alex Rodriguez, the dirtiest sleaze ball, particularly when he feels baseball revolves around him, thrilled to steal the spotlight from a fading sport that has fallen into oblivion?

Way to go, America! You gave him your full attention.

So now, after arbitrator Fredric Horowitz handed him a 162-game suspension, he is fighting for his reputation and for his money. It should surprise no one that Rodriguez is refusing to go down without a fight, and the anonymity of a circus surrounding the Yankees slugger, which continues to take a bizarre twist, is disgusting and annoying. With all the drama we’ve endured — from the Biogenesis scandal to the brouhaha over his comeback from an injury — his lawyers filed suit in U.S. District Court on Monday claiming that Horowitz was biased and unfair.

For Rodriguez, it’s about clearing his name and turning everything back on himself as though he’s the victim. He has a way of getting attention, and making the front page of tabloids. By now, you should know he’s an overpaid bum and a pretty boy who cares more about dating celebrity babes and sabotaging baseball. By now, you should know he’s an annoying, attention-seeking fraud. We are all trying to give opinions on the A-Rod saga, but it is time to realize that he’s not worth our time, and he’s certainly not worth the Yankees’ time.

Much has been made about A-Rod’s drama, when he was linked to the Biogenesis PED case and allegedly paid $305,000 for evidence involved in the investigation, which included videotapes, documents and affidavits. If anything, he has damaged what’s left of his image, will lose $25 million this year and his battle in the courtroom will likely cost him at least $10 million. We all know he’s a liar, a fake and a loser and, bad as it may seem, Rodriguez’s legacy is forever tainted. It’s no secret that he has ruined the credibility of baseball and, unreal as it may seem, he’s banned for one year.

Over time he’s become a problem, and by now Rodriguez is one of the most annoying people in sports. If you were paying close attention this past season, he hijacked the narrative of the baseball season. On Sunday evening, when the man at the center of the baseball doping scandal appeared on “60 Minutes,” Anthony Bosch was open about his relationship with Rodriguez. It was exactly what Bud Selig and his comrades needed to hear after Rodriguez left a stain on baseball.

But as we all know, Bosch, among drug dealers, is probably the biggest crook, the biggest sleaze in baseball, bigger than the dirty sluggers themselves. As the founder and former proprietor of the infamous anti-aging clinic, Bosch is baseball’s witness and more credible than any of the players connected to Biogenesis. We now know a Rodriguez associate pressured Bosch to sign an affidavit that he never supplied Rodriguez with banned substances. We now know these associates wanted to pay Bosch $25,000 a month to move to Colombia, so he could hide from Major League Baseball investigators. We now know that Bosch allegedly received a death threat from a Rodriguez associate after their relationship fell apart.

And you know what else? For better or worse, Bosch alleged he took a blood sample from A-Rod in a bathroom stall at a Miami nightclub. And, yes, the four handwritten notebooks that detailed the drugs Bosch provided to a plethora of professional ballplayers, and the hundreds of text messages exchanged between the two men were part of Horowitz’s decision. In many ways, the truth came to light after Bosch said he provided and injected Rodriguez with all sorts of testosterones and candy-like substances they described as “gummies.” The purpose of the gummies was to provide a testosterone boost during the game.

january-14-2013Looking at the evidence, A-Rod repeatedly violated the league’s drug policy and tried to stymie the investigation and, moronic as he is, he has brought attention to himself. By believing what Bosch tells us, A-Fraud is telling lies about A-Fraud and, as defiant and reckless he is, he’s not nearly as credible. But as you saw Sunday night, not even Bosch was credible. More credible than, A-Rod? Sure, why not? But at this point, I don’t know whom to believe, even though I’d like to believe Bosch is telling the truth.

More than anything, A-Rod is highly laughable and the dumbest juicer ever. And now is not the time for A-Rod to ask for sympathy. It’s not the time to give baseball the middle finger, either. And you know it probably is personal, but even if Selig has a personal issue against him, A-Rod is not grateful about the suspension being reduced to 162. So instead of saying thank you, he is suing baseball.

That sounds like something A-Rod would do.

A-Rod is such a clown you don’t realize that he knows exactly what he’s doing to make the loudest noise. He sure knows how to get more attention, and you continue to talk about him as if he’s that damn important. Having a hard time ignoring him, although a vast majority hates him, fans must learn to pretend like he doesn’t exist. The reality of it all is that the Yankees don’t want him in spring training, knowing that he has too much baggage, and by now the Steinbrenners and the players don’t want the circus around them. The only people who are on A-Rod’s side are his pantheon of attorneys.

The fact of the matter is now that he’s an egomaniac and a stooge. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that A-Rod has brought it all on himself. He’s clearly gone too far, and because of it, he has diminished the respectability he had. But he doesn’t care about that, and obviously isn’t bothered by the fact that he’s labeled a serial doper. I’m not even too sure that he gives a hoot about the Hall of Fame, and realistically he has no shot at ever getting a Hall Pass. As he disappears from the game — slowly but surely — Rodriguez has declared war against the league’s most powerful people. It’s been an acrimonious battle for a man whose tumultuous career is shrinking for the worse.

No longer should we rave for weeks and months about A-Rod, and for as long as we’ve fallen into his trap, we ought to be tired of the lunacy. And so now is the time for baseball to move on.

Ignore A-Rod.

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