How did everything get so bad in Laker Land

The Los Angeles Lakers had just pulled off a major feat. They signed the prized free agent of the offseason, LeBron James, and followed that by signing several veteran free agents.

Adding arguably the best player in the NBA to a group of young talent in Los Angeles was a great deal like the on for 50 free spins.

However not everything was as originally thought, and the Lakers find themselves and their situation going from bad to worse.

The Lakers expected to be in the playoffs, but instead, they have been on vacation for a while now. Their wunderkind head coach Luke Walton and the team mutually decided to part, and Magic Johnson resigned.

The Lakers brass has now already botched the one saving grace they had to play as they were unable to come to terms with former Laker Tyronn Lue to take over the vacant head coaching job.

Now it appears some people in Jeannie Buss’ corner are encouraging her to trade the one player they have that could be a franchise cornerstone in James.

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So how did things go wrong? While it is all up to speculation, there seem to be a few major factors. The front office, run by Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka made a huge splash by signing James but they didn’t put together a roster with cohesion in mind. The front office has made many mistakes, including the trade that sent promising young center Ivica Zubac to the Clippers for Mike Muscala.

Not having a cohesive group didn’t make for the most fertile grounds to grow a bond and team chemistry and there almost seemed like a divide between the new team members who are NBA veterans and the young core of talent that was already in place in LA.

The failed Anthony Davis trade didn’t help matters either and the Lakers’ willingness to give up just about everyone and everything in exchange for Davis likely didn’t sit well. It also made the front office look bad when details of the trade proposals leaked.

The Lakers seemed to give up on Lake Walton far too quickly and seemed more interested in finding a scapegoat than being patient. That lack of patience also didn’t help when the Lakers ran up against injury issues.

It’s easy to make excuses and point fingers, but the Lakers also lost James and Lonzo Ball for considerable amounts of time. Aside from the hits they took from that, it also didn’t help in the Lakers being able to field a team that could work together. A team integrating so many new pieces needs the time to come together and James’ presence seemed to automatically make anything short of a playoff berth an unsuccessful season.

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here, but the Lakers have their work cut out for them this Summer.